Getting ahold of asset managers?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get ahold of a CW asset manager, anyone know how to find them? Basically, i was trying to get a property via SS but the offer wasnt approved. Now, i want to try and buy it before it goes on MLS… Essentially, i believe its now an REO but hasnt been listed yet…


What bank own the property? There should be someone assign to that property.Tell them you are an investor.

CW owns it. They said that there is no way i could put an offer until the property is listed with an agent. Agent apparently already has knowledge of the listing, but did not officially receive the listing… So, he cant deal with me until the listing is his, which for some odd reason is another 2 months away…

I’m a newbie, but I did come across this about 3 weeks ago. I made a couple of cash offers, they were all denied, the property went to auction and went back to the bank. It just so happened to be CW as well!

I knew who the attorneys were, so I called them and told them I was interested in purchasing the property. They told me to send them an offer and proof of funds and they would forward it to their client (CW).

Otherwise, you will have to wait for the agent to officially get the listing. If you let them know you are really interested to purchase it before they list it, they will gladly call you first. You would be saving them a whole lot of time, money and energy. Not to mention provide them with an easy commission.

FYI, the 2 month (approx) wait is usually because they have to evict who ever is living there (if there is someone living in the property), have it appraised or have another BPO done before they can actually list the property for a little below market value.

Hope this helps.