Getting a Warranty for Rental Homes

Has anyone here done a lease option on a home with a subleasor in the home? I was wondering if you know of any companies that may offer a warranty like a homeowners warranty for homebuyers who are in aged homes. A friend of mine who owns a town home actually told me she has one that is just about $300 a year. She has some plumbing problems that totalled to over $1500 but only had to pay a $100 deductible.

Is this a good strategy and are there any companies that would let a leasor get such a warranty?

American Home Shield and other companies offer tenant home warranties, although they’re slightly higher…

Awesome that is actually the company that she mentioned. Of course her home is very old and she signed the warranty a little over 10 ago.

Thanks Tim.

I have a rental and purchased a homeowner warrenty about $500 a year and the first year it really paid for it’s self from plumbing, elect, to the pool pump. Each call was $45.00 , oh, and I forgot the a/c, it covered that. get it, you’ll be happy when you need it. ;D