Getting a home inspector certificate/license

Hey everyone. I just noticed a college in my town offers a home inspectors course. It’s $2000. Yikes! Would that be useful when looking at properties or is there some conflict of interest? I can see where a lender can have a problem with someone doing their own home inspection. What do you all think?


I don’t know as the bank would have as much of a problem as the buyer would have. I certainly wouldn’t buy a home where the inspection was done by the seller!

The good thing about the course is that it can teach you what to look for to help you estimate rehab costs. However, this is stuff you can research on your own. It all depends on how much time you want to spend ferreting out the info on your own vs paying to get it all at once. Everyone is different.

Unless you have a desire to be a home inspector and enjoy that kind of work I wouldn’t waste the time or money. Yes, it’s good stuff to know, but the real estate business is all about building a team. I’m sure you can find a good inspector to help you out when need those services. It’s a lot less work and money.