Getaway to out west

Im thinking of packing up my car, driving out west, and taking a break from work. I have not had any vacation since before 2006 when the employment and financial crisis began with me.

So I have a little money saved up and a tent and some cheap camping gear.

Id like to see cool parts of states like Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah. Some badass state parks. Id like to camping in the desert with decent weather and just be totally removed from everything.

What places can you recommend? Id like to be gone 1-2 weeks to just totally unwind and chill out.

Id like to camp in decent weather. Nothing too cold, not too hot either.


I believe you said your in Georgia so it will take you basically 4 days at 600 miles a day to drive from Atlanta to Los Angeles and 4 days back! So 7 nights and 8 days to just go across and come back. You would have to drive 9 hours a day at 70 MPH just to do this, it does not include breakfast, lunch, dinner, gas stops, restroom breaks, etc. 

Now let’s say your doing 2 weeks 14 days? You can make a big loop but it is damn cold this time of year even in Arizona and New Mexico to want to sleep outside, now you can but my guess is desert temperatures are in the 20’s and 30’s at night right now.

Now the loop extends your driving time as you won’t average 70 MPH going into Montana and your driving days will be expanded driving to out of the way places on back country roads. Your route needs to be determined before you can get good recommendations as you may not be going anywhere close to various places and this time of year places like Yellowstone are closed to the public.

I would think a decent cross country sight seeing trip should be 3 or 4 weeks minimum and with limited time think a more local vacation is more productive and restful than trying to drive, drive, drive. Let alone putting 5k to 6k miles or more on your vehicle is better done when you can take 4 or 5 weeks.

I have been all over the south east and there are many great places to stay, camp and hike, fish or sight see to keep you busy but rested.

Have fun, drive safe and have a fun vacation.


Id like to do general camping around the Grand Canyon for one week. Arizona or New Mexico. Too bad the night must be super cold there right now.

The drive is far I remember. Maybe I should have Rando pick me up in his helicopter and chopper me in it would save time with all that driving.

Colorado is another place that would be awesome to just get away and camp and relax.

Sounds like you just want to get away…is there anywhere closer to you? I’m from New Mexico and that’s correct, even in the warm south part of the state, nights will be freezing.

What about a staycation or visit friends?


I like the winter weather in Georgia. I like chilly weather thats not too cold. I like Atlanta a lot but still want to getaway.

Going down to Florida is not on the cards. Ill tell you why. -Too many crazies and wackos. Lots of wholesalers in florida.

Must-see destination spots in the west.

The Grand Canyon
Monument Valley
St. George, Utah
Las Vegas
Lake Powell and Surrounding Areas
Zion National Park