Get Your Popcorn Ready!

Here comes the Obama speach! I hope they stand and cheer at the end of every sentence! Of good Pelosi’s there. I was was hoping to see her plastic smile! :biggrin

His 29th speech on the subject.You’d think they would go back to the drawingboard at some point.That would require admitting a mistake,which he’s not worthy of such.Gonna be a long term with these clowns.

Anybody, ANYBODY, who thinks this bill is acceptable, is a complete idiot. Anybody who thinks this bill is good, is a idiot. ANYBODY WHO THINKS THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO !!!FORCE ME!!! TO GET HEALTH CARE, BECAUSE I OWN IT TO OTHER PEOPLE TO DO SO, ITS A MORON.

Whoever votes YES for any fabrication of this bill, in my eyes, and from my understanding of God, will go to hell. They will all go to hell.

Whoever supports this bill… is unAmerican. Thats all I can say.

Watching that speech, certainly didnt make me less skeptical, it just me off more.

Im just going to leave it at that.


to all Liberals out there… This isnt acceptable even for the left wingers is it?

Come on… what the hey, this is UNAMERICAN.

As usual way toooo long with no details.He said they would pay for it with all the fraud that’s wasted in medicare/medicaid.Let that really sink in for a while.If you know money(our money)is being wasted and it’s enough to fund this,we should all be marching in the streets!!I think it’s over and done he screwed himself once again with lies and lack of detail.Good luck trying to regain any trust mr. Pres your job is OVER in 2012.

Anybody else notice how pissed off michellle looked the whole time??

I thought she was about to doze off!

I find the truth in this woman’s demeaner.Obama can smoothly hide his Rev wright side(as long as teleprompter is handy),she however can’t.These are really angry radicals make no mistake about it.

You’re going against the machine! You must be a racist.

We have a pretty good quote displayed at work right now:

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.
Niccolo Machiavelli