Get Started Investing Tactics

If you know anything about us or read our stuff you’ll know we’re DEFINITELY not saying this is the ONLY way to get started…but it is A way…and it does work…

When you first get started, you need massive movement. So search every where for real estate deals.
I would:

Get 3-5 brokers looking for property for you.

Call all the I Buy Houses ads in the paper and on road signs- find out what they’re looking for

Go to and look for property yourself. You can search using various criteria.

Check out (court house on line–foreclosures) and for foreclosure properties.

Meet every agent/broker, mortgage officer, CPA and RE attorney you can find

Tap a group of professional investors for investments

Join investor REIAs and network with people there.

Place a gold mine ad. “I buy property any price, shape, and condition”.

Get biz cards done, and distribute, use if you have to get very cheap.

Let your friends and family know. You know about 300 people. Some one is looking for a house, and someone is selling one. They are more likely to do a deal with you than anyone.

Keep your motivation high. The first few weeks, and months are the tough ones as you build your power team of professionals and network.

Your web site is way cool.

Funny how you didnt mention education in your propaganda AD but you supply that dont you… I thouhgt I was bad… My goodness… What is even funnier is that everything you posted has been already posted… And each one of your “To do’s” are so basic… Present something different, something we could all say “that was an original thouhgt”…

Raise the personal bar a little…


OK, where’s “the love” here? I think that you’re being overly critical but that’s just my two cents. “hiscompany” has done nothing wrong yet.



Thank you for your feedback.

Just easing in here.

And while most of what I put in THIS post is certainly in other posts, scattered, I’d seen no one explain how simple it can be to ramp up to full time as an investor simply by taking small action steps anyone can take in between their daily routine.


I am glad you see my intent is to contribute.

I guess I read between the lines a little since I so often write that way. :slight_smile: Maybe I am just wanting to fight a little… Probably PMSing

I Need to go Kill Me A House…

I guess I read between the lines a little since I so often write that way. Maybe I am just wanting to fight a little... Probably PMSing


I’ve seen from your other posts that you don’t believe in Putting up with the Media’s Sh*^ :smile

Good luck on your day…

The only persons %^&$ I put up with is my wife and thats because she is often more right than I am… If you say my name out loud youll have a good indication why I like to banter so darn much… A curse at birth…

Michael Quarles

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Somewhere, somehow I hope you’re laughing WITH me :wink: