Get me thinking like a real estate investor

What would you do with this?

Zoned “AC-3A” meaning a maximum of 200 du/ac.

What would you turn this parking lot into? Where would you get the money?

How would it provide cash flow for you?


Explain to us what "AC-3A" zoning is and 200 du/ac means under the Florida code?

So what is the size of the lot and what is access like? Are there building restrictions? Are there deed restrictions?

It may not be big enough to provide cash flow, that may explain why it has not been built on yet!


Activity centers are busy mixed use districts in the center of cities. 200 dwelling units per acre means just that.

Size of the lot is listed on the property appraiser if I wrote down the exact address. I could find it next time I drive by. Building restrictions are determined by the zoning classification. I doubt there are very stringent height limitations because there is a very tall parking garage right next door. It has access from Washington Ave. and no other street.

I don’t know how to check for deed restrictions.

Here’s another:

Would you rehab this hotel?

It’s an old broken down hotel on the side of a major road in Orlando.

I drive by and think, “if I had the money, would I rehab it?”

What would I have to consider?