get me the $#@! outa my day job!

yes this is a rant. i just got in an argument with my boss which makes me hate this job that much more. i was about to walk out the door w/out any two weeks notice. i don’t know what can be more motivating than this. i don’t know i think i need like a steve austin’s “gimme a Hell Yeah!” or something…but i’m going to kick into overdrive to get the hell outa corporate world.

here’s to being your own boss!

I’ve been thinking about starting a thread on this very topic. I too, am in a job that’s going nowhere and I can’t wait until the point when I can quit and do real estate full time.

I have recently received my real estate license and have some money in the bank due to an inheritance. But health insurance coverage for my family is what’s keeping me punching a time clock for someone else.

I’d like to hear from other successful investors about when they got to the point where they were prosperous enough to quit their day job, and live off their investments.

I’d love to hear your success stories!

COBRA would continue your health coverage for 6 months ( I believe it is) at an increased premium (about 30-40% more). Been awhile since I’ve been in the financial services biz but worth checking out as a potential solution. Let us know what you learn.

I dont remember Steve Austin saying that. I only remember him running in slow motion and trying to make time with the Bionic Woman.

How about giving him the ol’ middle finger and giving him a stone cold stunner. <sorry, just had to>

For me, I happen to like my job and the people I work for. I think a great first milestone would be when I can walk into my bosses office for my review and say, “In lieu of a raise, I would prefer some serious vacation time. Thanks.”

If you have your liscence and are a member of NAR, they have a network specifically for Realtors that provide some decent and affordable family plans. You may want to check that out.

I wasn’t aware of that. The only problem is, I affiliated with a broker that doesn’t require membership of the NAR. I figured I’d save myself $500 a year.

By the way, do you find that by being a member it puts you at any sort of advantage over those who aren’t?

I dont know about your area, but in my state if your a member of your local association, you are automatically a member of the state and NAR. Without this membership I have no MLS access or lockbox key. My fees are $400 annually and $147 quarterly. Yes, it’s quite a bit, but then again, commission from one closing covers it.
Yes, I do find alot of advantages. You also get instant updates on changes i.e. laws, codes, etc… discounts on computers, car rentals etc…the list goes on
Check the NAR website.
In your case, if you do quit your job, being a member would most likely be in your best interest. They offer quite few benefits.

Same here. No MLS access without Realtor affiliation.

Have you looked into insurance for your family with the NASE (National Association of the Self Employed) I have heard you dont necessarily have to be self employed but you can get a group rate with them or something like that. Might be worth checking out…

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BOSS spelled backwards SSOB! (double sob!)

The company I am affiliated with says to keep your job until you earn 3 times your main income for 3 months straight and have six months of income in the bank.