Georgia Eviction

I picked up the form from my local court house for the 7-day eviction process. From what I understand I complete the paperwork and submit it to the courthouse and the process begins. However, before paying the $74 to start the process I have seen letters that landlords send to the tenant to notify them of the process and expenses involved. Do you send a 3 day pay or quit notice that explains to the tenant that if they don’t pay up or move out on their own they will be evicted by the sheriff and occur additional expenses? Thanks in advance.


It is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that you follow your states eviction procedure to the letter. Even failing to include the proper wording in required notices can cause your case to be thrown out. I would strongly suggest either using a lawyer or getting help from an EXPERIENCED Landlord in your local area.

To answer your question, here in Ohio we are required to give the tenant a 3-day notice before the eviction can be filed in court. Our 3-day notice isn’t a pay or quir, but rather a notice that they must leave within 3 days or they will be evicted. I do allow the tenants to pay the rent during this 3-day period but the rent MUST include my $50 late fee.

The most important thing is to be firm and consistent. Set the example with a few tenants and future tenants won’t challenge you very often.

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I’m curious if you found any answers yet? I’m a landlord in the Atlanta, GA area and am facing a possible tenant eviction for the first time. Just curious what information you have found.