George Soros is bullish...................ON FORD!!!!!!

For those here who don’t know George Soros let me enlighten you.

George is a BILLIONAIRE who, with a partner (Jimmy Rogers) started the Quantum fund in the 1970’s…

Over the decade + lifespan of the fund (under Soros and Rogers direct management) it acheived an INCREDIBLE…

4000+++% RETURN for it’s investors!!!

How’d they do it??? They purchased stock OTHERS thought was GARBAGE!!!

George now likes…F O R D!!!

The KEY to this type of investing is the ABILITY to weather the storms…Don’t get HEAD FAKED by the day to day BULLSH*T that’s out there…Last year I warned people NOT TO TRADE THIS STOCK…I explained that selling a share of this stock that you purchased for $2.00 at $3.50 a few weeks later leads to FREEZE OUT…Freeze out is when you buy a stock at $2.00, it moves to $3.50, You sell it and are happy (for a short while) But… it THEN moves to $4.00 and MENTALLY they can’t bring themselves to BUY BACK a stock they OWNED for $2.00, that NOW would cost them $4.00…They MISSED the REAL OPPORTUNITY, they own NO SHARES, and they WATCH from the SIDELINES paralized, as the REAL money is made.

These opportunities come along once in a decade, maybe LONGER…It takes PATIENCE…but the PAY OFF is GIGANTIC for those who can WAIT and DO NOTHING…Simply SIT, and WAIT for WALL STREET to catch up to the IDEA behind the investment…Once they SEE IT…THEN your investment moves into the STRATOSPHERE!!!

I write this for one reason…In the HOPE that others here can make a mental NOTE of what has transpired with FORD over the last few years and APPLY IT, in the future, to other so called “WORTHLESS INVESTMENTS” as proclaimed by the “experts.”

I’ve spent HOURS here linking articles on Ford for a few years…Articles EVERYONE had access to…From Alan Mullaly’s background at Boeing, to his management plans for Fords line up, to their quality improvements, to their sales INCREASES…ALL THIS INFORMATION WAS OUT THERE…Right under WALL STREETS NOSE…They’ll be buying it by the TRUCK LOAD in 3 to 5 years at $40/share…Mullaly gets 20,000,000 SHARES the DAY he can bring the DIVIDEND back for the FORD FAMILY…At that point, it would not surprise me to see this stock reach ridiculus levels…It’ll BLOW UP…Just as it OVER CORRECTED last November at $1.22…At some point in the near future the same dopes that sold it for $1.22 will be BUYING IT at $60…

Think it can’t happen??? Chrysler was at $8/share in 1992…In 1998 MERCEDES paid $125/SHARE for their so called “Merger of Equals” Never UNDER ESTIMATE the stupidity of people!

George just backed up his VAN!!!

Once again FDJake I owe you a big thank you for laying all this out for us , if I remeber correctly close to 2 years now!!!
I bought a stake at $2.65 and more a couple months ago at $7.75. I would’ve could’ve did more sooner but was a little uneasy being my first individual stock investment. But after a couple times of seeing the steady incline than plateau than incline I feel $7.75 will still be a good buy in 3-5 years.( It hit $9 today) Again THANK YOU!!!

If you have any other investments you wouldn’t mind sharing your thiught process, I will be all ears, I totally relate to the way you look at things and appreciate your input.

This sums it up nicely!

George Soros is a prime example of why we need to be in real estate. We don’t want to wait until we look like him to be rich. He can go anywhere and do anything in the world but he will still look like that. Wealth is wasted on the old.

We should all be young and beautiful with billions of dollars, when we get old just give us a rocking chair overlooking a lake or mountain range.

Is that age-ist?

Soros was born in 1930…

By 1970 he was a MULTI- MILLIONAIRE…George did it HIMSELF…It wasn’t FAMILY MONEY…It was BRAINS & B@LLS that made George his MILLIONS by the age of 40!!!

5 years later…He had made his FIRST BILLION…

This is what you look like when you don’t WORRY about what OTHER people think…I know that is a SCARY concept to Americans who worry about BRITNEY’s BELLY or PARIS’s BOOB JOB…

Maybe George could take a page out of the KENNY ROGERS/JERRY JONES (Dallas Cowboys owner) plastic surgery guide book and perpetually look like he’s riding a motorcycle at 150MPH…You know, the “my skin has been stretched so tight I can’t close my eyes” look!!!

Personally…I could CARE LESS what ole GEORGE looks like…I’m more interested in HIS new interest in FORD!!!

UGLY Goerge has had a spectacular record of buying UNDER VALUED ASSETS at exactly the right time!!

But in the end BLUEMOON is right!!!

We SHOULD all be young and beautiful with Billions of dollars! :beer

I’m sorry. Everybody has their bigot side. Some people are sexist, some are racist, but I am a lookist. I really like good looking people and Sosros is not good looking.

Maybe I should go to the southern poverty good looking center, to good looking anonymous or something.

I really am sick with this looks thing.

It is a good thing that I am so good looking.

Great article.

For 79 he looks to be in great shape…

His wikipedia has one line that shows how smart he is a forcasting the future

" he is known for having donated large sums of money in an effort to defeat President George W. Bush’s bid for re-election in 2004."