General Questions

Hello To All,

I am a new investor trying to get started. I know that the best way of networking is attending your local REI Clubs, but I am located in Buffalo New York and I dont think that there are any REI Clubs in my area. So my option for attending my local REI Club is out. What do I do now? I also know that I can look at the ads in the local newspaper and see if there any ad that may be from investors, I can also call for rent ads to see if they maybe interested in anymore properties etc. I think I have a good idea of everything now I just have to take get up and just do it. I know that I have to stop being afraid of communicating with others because communicating is the key. Another thing that is holding me back is the lack of funds. And because of this I would like to start out buy doing some wholesaling and then buy and hold. I dont have great credit and I dont have any money so I really dont know where to start from. I would like to wholesale properties flip properties and also hold properties. Is there any one that can give me some advice on what I should do?

I think you should cut back your expenses as much as possible. Pick up a second job. Live as simply as possible. How bad do you want it? With no money and no credit, my only REI advice to you is bird-dogging for now until your personal financial situation improves.

Thanks For the advice.

Did you try a google search for ‘buffalo new york investors REI club’? the first result that came up for me listed quite a few clubs in the Buffalo area. I would suggest attending a few meetings and begin networking with people that are doing what you want to be doing. See if you can buy them lunch and pick their brain.

Thanks Haydenhomes Im bout to check it out right now