General questions for Flippers and Wholesalers

  1. How do you find your properties?
  2. Who does your team consist of? Assuming that you have one.
  3. What’s your exit strategy?

I’m a newbie here so any help would be appreciated.


Teams obviously vary depending upon the size of the company, however, as an example, my team consists of myself and another lead partner (I run our residential division, and he runs our commercial division), two real estate agents, one mortgage broker, a house stager, and a network of contractors. No matter the size of your company, however, a good real estate agent and a good mortgage broker are an absolute must.

As to finding properties, I’ve actually written an article on how our company finds potential properties to flip. Our company distributes it to all new employees as part of the greater series on the website below. As a preview, in the current state of affairs in the real estate market, unless we run across a phenomenal deal, we will not purchase a property to flip unless we can add physical equity to it. With all the deals out there today, you can pick and choose, so there’s no need to settle. If you’d like, you can read this article here .

Good Luck!

Very informative! Thanks for your help!