general question

as a investor the realestate market is best when?

I find a great deal!


Your question is much too vague. What aspect of investing are you referring to?

for an experienced investor the market is always best. What you need to do is change your investing goals in different markets to make money. Obviously flipping is the toughest thing in this market but then again, each city will have a different market as well and in some cities its much easier.

One thing to remember sometimes its best to invest outside of your city, maybe even state, but its best when you have experience with investing.

In my market, SoFl, we have tons of foreclosures. So buying them is a great deal, but looking to flip is harder because banks view SoFl as a risky area to loan money and few people quailfy.
Lease’s with options to buy will become a solid mainstream again in most cities since peiople have bad credit.

Rental market can be good with a solid tenant but with so many job loses but ready to deal with unemployed tenants through job layoffs. Downside to a good rental market., Also many of these tenats not paying rent were all responsible and paid on time, just the job market sucks and it has taken a toll on investors as well. Look for 3 month deposits now for emergencies…

The beauty of real estate is that the mart is always great. When house prices are down you can buy a lot of house at bargain prices. When the market comes back you have accumulated a bunch of property. When house prices are high, you can command higher rents because regular people can’t afford to buy houses so they rent. It is classic heads I win tails you loose.