General McChrystal

I read the interview. This is BS. I don’t know how much time this reported spend with him but it appears that he spent a few days with him and reported everything he saw. If you spend many hours with anybody you would get a lot of bad stuff being said. I get an e-mail from my boss at any given time and am likely to say something that I would not want my mother to hear. That doesn’t mean I am not on his team and would not go all out for him.

This stuff is just everyday goings on of a man trying to run war that has no patience for pomp and circumstance.

This stuff is just everyday goings on of a man trying to run war that has no patience for pomp and circumstance.

well said Bluemoon…

I really think Michelle Obama needs to start looking for private schools for the kids in…Chicago!

Let’s see:

a) numerous State Attorney Generals fighting new health care legislation
b) Arizona governor and recent law passed there…
c) Louisiana judge overturning drilling ban…
d) A war zone General speaking his mind on Biden…

some more McChrystal perspective from the readership at zero hedge:


Does the piss poor “mis-spoke” excuse not apply to those who actually love and are fighting for this
country?Or does it only apply to unqualified,career politicians.I think most of america knows who’s
telling the truth and he’s definitly not in the WHite House.

I hope you are so right,then the recovery can begin!!

I am happy to see that the Generals know that Osama is an Obamination! It makes me believe that they will only go so far along with The Chosen One’s socialist takeover of the USA.

What did you expect? It’s freakin’ Rolling Stone - just a bunch of wacked out stoners.


this guy does some pretty good homework:


Frankly, sight-unseen, I’d side with the military guy before ANY politican…everytime


He is a regular on Bill Maher’s show. That is all you need to know to read the article within that context.

To be fair, I do not agree with the General and he should be fired for insubordination in my opinion.

McChrystal got fired…Petraeus is in and will have Iraq and Afghanistan…


This is BS. The Rolling Stone guy was with him for a MONTH. I dare any of us to have a reporter with us for a month and not say something bad about our boss.

I was listening to NPR and they said it was about penises not policy.

BLUF: He made Obama look bad. You can’t do that regardless of your talents.

He’ll retire with full pension (over $160K per year) and get a job with a defense contractor as at least a VP.



You’re right in my opinion once again sir.And as I understand it,it was his aides that said or gave alot of this hearsay/bar talk(which I’m sure a reputable magazine like this has never done before :rolleyes)

Actually if Obama was’nt so full of himself and have SOros on the brain,he could’ve come out great on this.He should’ve just said “I’m more focused on the job at hand and getting our soldiers back home rather than barber shop talk,I think McChrystal is still the best man for this job.”

Could you imagine that??But that would really piss off the lefty loons(you know the ones who read that highly rated news source -Rolling Stone :rolleyes).

But maybe McChristal showed up and said I stand by what I said and yes sir you just suck.WHo really knows,maybe he’ll write a book and tell us.Either way I respect him a load better and would beleive his side waaaaaay before Soros/I mean Obama.LOL!!

Great way to run a war:

A commander in chief who knows nothing about international politics, nothing about the military, and who must have a yes man running the show for him.

On the other hand, it is seriously bad judgement to give an interview to Rolling Stone. You’ve got to wonder what was he thinking?

He is still trying to appeal to the younger voters.

Any normal person that gets caught talking smack about your boss could easily lose their job. Why is this guy so much different?

I don’t know that he is different - he very pubically fired.


Exactly. Everyone else is acting all incredulous that he was fired as if it was unjust. He got caught badmouthing his boss. He deserved to get the axe.

The people in the military are horrible people. They will kill and maim people. They will burn cities turn into dictators and control your country. In ancient Romans knew this and would not allow the military to cross the Rubicon. Remember the speech that the Jack Nicholson Character said in the movie “A Few Good Men” we need people like that on the wall for our protection. But they are just like a pit bull dog. If they get out of control they will do a lot of damage. That is why the founding fathers mandated that they would be under the control of a civilian authority. Just like with a pit bull he has to obey his master without hesitation. Not just to the order to attack or heal, but even something as small as sit and roll over. If that dangerous animal does not immediately submit to his master he must be put down.

McChrystal showed himself to not be under the control of civilian authority and had to be put down. Obama was right.

“the people in the military are horrible people”?Wow Bluemoon,that’s totally the dumbest thing I’ve read that you wrote yet.You may say “horrible”,I say needed.I fully respect ALL of our military.I have friends/family doing this job that you may not want or can’t do.But yet you and I are able to live in this great country because they do.

So I ask you to retract your blanket labeling of the military.Or just enjoy the third world country that’s being created by this administration.There will always be wars and a struggle to be the best,sacrificing being the best in hopes that it will bring peace is a dream.Probably developed during a drug haze among the hate the military type who are in power now.

Do you not think China,Russia,etc wants our crown??And thoughts like this mentality will hand it over.Perhaps going to the middle east and crapping in a bag,taking a shower with a water bottle,sleeping in a concrete box in 120 degree heat would lighten your hate for these people.

Oh and for the record my definition of a horrible person is one that would send their own 5yr old child with a grenade up to a soldier just to blow them up.Perhaps if those “horrible people” were’nt there,this would be reality on our streets that you and I would face.

“The people in the military are horrible people.”

Wow!!! I am a Veteran does that make me “prior” horrible? :banghead

For the record I have not had to kill an enemy to save my own life, am I still horrible?

Maybe its because I chose to join on my own accord that I am horrible, because I wanted to have something worthwhile to put on my resume. I wanted to serve my country but I am horribly selfish because I also figured I was going to pay my own way through college and planned on using the GI Bill. Thats not just horrible - thats just dispicable.

And as a veteran I put more shame on the inexperienced Obama Admin. than a 20yr + officer of our great Army.