General Contractor

How do you become your own general contractor. What are the pros & cons?

It is probably state dependant but in Texas there is no contractor licensing done (except for crafts like electricians and plumbers etc) all you do is contact the crafts and have them do the work. I am my own general on all my jobs. I call the flooring guy to do the flooring, a painter to paint.

The key is getting a contract before the job is started and don’t give them any money until the job is complete and satisfactory.

If you are the home owner you can be your own general contractor but you have to think to your self what business do you want to be in. Do you want to be an investor or do you want to be a general contractor? because if the answer is an investor you should spend your time finding deals, talking to potential private lenders, delegating and building your systems and not in a job site managing subs. Besides most of the time general contractors paid for themselves since they can get work done cheeper because they can provide volume to their subs.