Gathering Scripts

Good morning,

I’m trying to get together as many scripts as I can ranging from talking to FSBOs to those with bad credit to those facing foreclosure. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

Do you really need a script just to talk to someone on the telephone? I don’t think so.

Anyway, here’s my script.

ME: “How much do you want for your property?”

CALLER: gives me a number

ME: depending on the number - “Can I see it in an hour?” or “That’s too much, but if you decide to sell it for half that amount, call me back”.

What else do you need?

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I’m sorry that I am not going to tell you the answer you want to hear, but I don’t believe in scripts.

If you develop a plan of how you will handle each property or each property type you will not need scripts. The words will be natural. If you’re reading a script, it will sound unnatural and fake (because it is!). The best way to know what to say is just to know what you want from the person and/or the property and not being afraid to ask for it.

My advise is to spend more time figuring out how to make a property profitable, AND BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF AND WHOMEVER YOU ARE DEALING WITH.

IMO the most important part is just doing it. The first couple calls will be awkward to you, but after those you’ll start to feel more comfortable talking with people.

When you’re making your calls remember your time is valuable…so don’t get lost in the details of the house. Find out if the seller is motivated and if he/she isn’t, move on.

Hi -
I’m new to all this and not familiar with some terminology - what is IMO?
Thanks for your help.

Depending on the context, it is an abbreviation for, In my Opinion.