Gas why so much?

Gas prices up here in the town that we call home (sacramento, ca) have reached $3.55 for regular. In yosemite national park california they have hit $3.98. Why do we put up with this? How much does gas cost where you live and what do you think (if anything) we can do about it?

When you live in a blue state and pay taxes for the great socialist experiment, you’ve got to expect fuel prices to be high. Don’t complain, higher fuel prices mean lower consumption and therefore you’re helping the environment and preventing global warming. Surely, that should be worth $5.00 a gallon!


So you really think that there will be lower consumption of gas with higher prices. Maybe a little, but people still have to drive to work, thats never goin to change. And another question i would pose to you is do you drive a car yourself. Now i’m not trying to be rude, but i can’t stand liberal views. First of all they usually don’t base any of their arguments on facts. They usually hum and huh trying to come up with a logical explanation. For instance can you prove to me that higher consumption of gas is ACTUALLY creating GLOBAL WARMING ::). If you have ever listened to Rush Limbaugh you would be able to get some solid facts on the subject. I personally think its rediculous that the gas is so high. You do know that that is coming out of OUR taxes. And i don’t know maybe some people like just throwing there money away. Its not the oil companies that are doing this do us, its the government. Its you people who are liberal and think that raising the gas prices is going to solve some sort of enviromental issue. I think people spend more time worryin about the enviroment than they do enjoying it. Anyway i’ll get off my soap box.

I think if Bush was not from Texas and Chenny was never involved in the energy sector then people would stop blaming them for our gas problems… Fact remains, we still are amoung the cheapest nation in the world for gas, have amoung the best resources, pretty good public transportation, but yet just like us WESTERNS invested and love fastfood, we also love out GAS GUZZLING V-8’s and SUV’s. If you do not want to spend all that hard earned money on a car, trade in the 30,000 SUV and by a hybrid car for 25,000 and just worry about charging your cell batteries each day…

Just think , so many people blame the gov’t but soon the powers will change hands and then who will we blame…will it still be bush and chenny since they will go back into the private sector…will it be the next president…JUST WHO…so many problems and all we do is POINT our FINGERS…
Oh if you didnt vote for the last presidental election,the you lose your right to bitch since you were to damn lazy to wait in line and vote…



Sometimes it is very hard to see sarcasm on the internet. I was definitely being sarcastic with my post. What I was trying to say was that the liberals (really the socialist left) have caused these high gas prices with their wacko environmentalist positions and global warming fear mongering. Personally, I’m so far right that I don’t consider myself a republican, but rather a conservative.

Do I have a car - yes and a pickup truck and a dump truck and a big RV (just like in the movie). I like big oil (I must because they get a lot of my money) and am hoping for global warming (it’s cold here in Ohio in the winter). My dump truck get’s 5 mpg and the RV gets 7 mpg. I’m definitely doing my part to satisy the wacko left.

While others are buying property in Florida and California, I’m buying property on the Ohio river. I’m sure Al Gore is correct about global warming (he invented the internet, you know). After the ice caps melt (any day now) and the temps go up 30 degrees, I’ll have a lot of beach front property right here in southern Ohio.

Sorry, I’d like to go on, but all this environmental talk has got me excited about my soon-to-be beach front property. I think I’ll jump in the dump truck and head down to Walmart to buy my beach umbrella before the demand goes up!

Keep driving!

Appalachains for Global Warming

I can’t believe I’m going to put my $0.02 in…but here goes. We need industrial hemp production in the United States. Hemp fiber is a much better feed for ethanol production than corn or sugar cane. Since most ethanol producers are now using coal instead of natural gas during the production process production centers should be around the mid-west (next to by god West Virginia) to cut down on transportation costs.

It would take about 500K acres to end our dependence on Middle East oil.

Not only would America regain it’s energy independence we might also see GM and Ford regain some of thier lost market share seeing as how they have had “flex fuel” vehicals in production for several years now.


I’m with you! Have you got any seeds? I’ve got some rentals on 1 acre lots. I’d gladly plant hemp instead of grass! Let’s do it! I just hope the tenants don’t smoke up all the profits!



Hold your horses, it’s not so easy. ND is the only state that is in the process of giving out licenses to farmers right now and the DEA is involved every step of the way.

Plus, the numbers don’t really work for the farmer unless the crops (plural) are rotated and there is atleast 500 acres to work with.

Maybe you would be interested in growing the kind of “weed” that has THC content above .375%…in that case you could make a profit…it the tenants did not smoke it all.

Here in my area, it just hit a lil’ over $4 per gallon for regular (2 days ago). I’m glad I don’t drive my car that much at all…

How much does gas cost where you live and what do you think (if anything) we can do about it?
I sure am doing something about it. I can't control high prices but I sure can control not paying as much :o


Here in the Northwest it’s about $3.09 a gallon. It’s much better here than in some states.
I don’t believe that gas prices will go down considerably especially when Americans
are driving Hummer (9 miles to the gallon) H2’s One of the ways our gas prices will
go down is to lower our consumption. Hopefully alternative fuels will become the norm.


Other than consumption, what lowers and raises gas prices so quickly? it fluctuates more than the stock market, (At least the stock markets close at 4:00pm ET…I’ve seen gas prices go up at night). I would like to learn more about it.

Since it is 5am central time and I have been up all night I will join in the fray.
Here in North Texas oilboom country I remember the drillers complaining that the per barrel price was too cheap a few years ago to bother drilling to get it. Just last month the total drilling rig count in the area went down - go figure.
RE: Rush Limbaugh- gas isn’t the only thing that is high.
Hemp production: My brother grows it in his backyard in Mexico. He likes it. It saves gas as he likes to stay home alot.

Average cost in the Treasure Coast of Florida is $2.98 per gallon.

What can we do about it? (The Government).
End the war!

Uncle Sam swipes 43 cents per gallon at the pump to pay the 8 billion dollar incurring war tab per month.

Cost of war to date?..
The bill so far: $251 billion as of January 2006
The estimated long-term bill: $1.3 trillion

Remember, i’m just giving my H.O on what the government can do to lower high gas prices!… ;)…War yes or no is not my
‘Strong Smooth’… ::slight_smile:

In my opinion Gas prices has been going up way before a war even started.

I remember in the late 80’s\Early 90’s gas was $0.99 a gallon. I don’t
believe that this upward climb is going to stop anytime soon, Yes it might go down a few pennies to satisfy some people but it will spike up again. To some,
gas is like a tax because depending on where you live you really can’t
do anything about not driving to get around, (You can’t get on a highway with
a bicycle). Due to the fact people are complaining but nothing is getting done
it will keep happening to us unless we do something about it.

Why do people think that gas prices go up? The bottom line is that every business balances their price point so that the demand for the product will not subside more than the increase in the price will generate.

I.E. If Plasma TV’s were $1 everyone would own one. At $15,000 very few would. If they keep the price at $1500 then they balance the demand for the product with their profit goals. If they go down to $1000 they make $500 less (over simplistic, you get the point) per unit but won’t sell enough additional units to offset this.

This is called price equilibrium. It’s basic economics 101. “Supply demand curve” anyone?

Why should the gas producers be held to a different standard? The prices should be even higher than they are. I would be all for $5.00 a gallon if that kept some people off the streets (traffic in Dallas it terrible) or kept them carpooling. I don’t consider it an environmental issue, it’s a convenience issue for me. Fewer cars (more carpooling or public transportation use) better traffic. I personally think the government artificially keeps gas prices TOO LOW.

The United States has some of the lowest gas prices in the world and has the highest consumption — no surprise there. We also have a facination with BIG Vehicles. The burden should be on the consumer to consume LESS to reduce demand and reduce the price. Why is it that everyone wants to blame the government?

And what, pray tell do you propose we do about it?

We have to protest and complain to our government that we are NOT happy about it.
We have to SHOW how unhappy we are about it because if we don’t the blood
donation will continue to drain from our veins.

Hybrid SUV’s and cars are coming out but hasn’t become "The norm’ yet but if consumers cut back on there consumption do you think that oil prices will come down? Especially when oil companies are making Billions in profit?

Gas prices will go up whether or not we “do anything” and I mean anything. The demand is going to increase from China and they will become the “preferred” buyer simply because most of the world’s oil supply is in the hands of increasingly anti-US governments. We can cut our usage, drive less gas guzzling vehicles, etc. but we need newer more efficient refineries, more oil exploration and drilling (and I am very much opposed to drilling in Alaska and other wildlands and most offshore - but what is your alternative?) and the development of alternative fuels which would necessitate a large influx of capital and R & D. Of course, if we get out of our wars and policing efforts we might be able to free up some bucks for funding all these issues. But, all that aside, we face catastrophe if we don’t change our lifestyles - individually and societally.
Our whole society depends on cheap fuel. No longer does our food stuff come from Johhny Crackcorn the local farmer who brings it in from his farm outside of town. Our foodstuff is brought from far away. Our clothing is not made from even a factory in the US. Our electrical products, heck, even some of our fuel guzzling vehicles are made outside the US. As long as we are a consumer society that wants our stuff, we want it cheap and we want it now, we will have problems that will drive us to where the cost of transporting our wants, not to mention our needs, will be come prohibitive, not only to the consumer, but to the manufacturer by way of shipping costs. Goods will become scarcer. Those things necessary for life will become more valuable than a life. Witness the war lords of some third countries. That can happen here. And no, we can’t be imperialistic and just take what we want as a country. Heck, look how big and powerful we are in Iraq. I guess we could just go blow the heck out of them and try to take it. But, we would always have to be the biggest and badest and that would take money from the things that we need to be doing. Witness the old USSR.
Well, to sum it all up - WE’RE SCREWED.

Hey Richard,

I’m glad you summed it all up at the end. I was starting to get lost. The last sentence made it all clear. ;D