Garnishing Wages

Okay, I am managing a property for this lady who recently got divorced and moved to another city. I got a legal document in the mail from her ex-husbands attorney stating a bunch of legal jargon so I called him and he said that we are to give his firm the money minus our managing fee.

The lady hasn’t been paying child support for her son that she left and only sees every other weekend. So I know there is a legit reason for her wages to be garnished.

The lady called and left me a message telling us not to give the money to her ex-husbands attorney b/c she has 40 days before she has to pay anything. So not sure what I should do here except go talk to an attorney. nowhere in legal document does it say anything about this 40 day thing. They are scheduled to go to court on the 20th of this month.

Anyone here know the laws about this stuff? Any advice would be welcomed.

until you get something from the court don’t give any money to anyone,put the money into escrow until the court can settle it,you want to stay far, far away from that mess,and you can

Escrow the money or pay it. If you are legally required to pay and don’t, the ex can satisfy the judgment using your assets.