I was looking at a unit that would fit in to an idea area for short term furnished unit, between two hospitals. Is there a company that does traveling nurse housing that you may use that is nation wide or is all local?
Thanks for your time.

There are dozens of medical staffing companies. We have 4 pages of them in our binder here in the office. Some companies specialize in say, cardiac catheterization techs. Others in physical therapists. Lots of them in nurses. Traveling physicians, and mammogramists, and every other specialty.

If it were my unit, I would put together a little color binder with interior and exterior photographs of your rental unit with a list of amenities and prices. I would make copies and then call the hospitals’ HR (human resources) department for an appointment. If they get travelers or temporary staff they will be very happy to take your information.

They might also be able to steer you towards which agencies they are currently using. Here the agencies change periodically as the hospitals cut deals with the various staffing agencies. Right now all travelers are going through only the same 3 agencies for our two local hospitals.

The agencies that we deal with are nation-wide and we are always talking to Omaha, or Florida or New Hampshire.

Another source of tenants can be family staying with ill relatives or patient famililies there for long-term treatment. Try also to get permission to post your rental ad on the hospital cafeteria bulletin board.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!