furnace or not

I own two homes next to each other. One is a rental, one is my own. The rental needs a new furnace, well its 25 years old but works good. Got a estimate for 2400 for a new one for my home and 1050 to replace the rentals with my existing furnace. Does 1050 seem too high for labor to just go next door and put a furnace in? Im wondering if I should just buy a new one out right for the rental for 2400 and forget putting one in mine. Mine is 12 years old. Thought I could kill to birds with one stone, but man labor is high!!! any thoughts. Mine is 80% efficient and the rentals is 60%. The new one for mine will be 93% so at least the rentals would be 80%. any thoughts please…thanks

I just had a furnace replaced in a 1200 sq ft house for about $1,500 for an 80% efficiency. The size of the house will matter in the price. I would not reuse the old furnace, the one that I had to replace was only 12 years old. There are supposed to be some tax incentives for the high efficiency furnaces. This may help bring the cost down.


Both homes are 1200 square feet. also I was wondering about the Bryant furnaces, they have to be vented out the back of your house, which I thought was odd, dont want holes in my new siding, maybe I should look for a different brand or are they all like this now???

It’s pretty common for the high efficiency furnaces to be vented out the side of the house and not through the roof. You might want to get another estimate for the new furnace, I have talked to people (on line) in Utah and Califorinia that the estimate I have on my most recent remodel was to high compared to their areas.