Funny Story

I have done 10 rehabs in the last 3 years. I have done the work in all of them. I now have a company lined up to do all the work for me while I buy houses! I look to do 10 this year alone. Here’s the story on my last rehab that I did myself…

Yesterday I bought a toilet and a new sink for the bathroom. My intention was to have them both hooked up by the time I went home. Well… I had ceramic tile put in the bathroom, so the toilet flange wouldn’t quite set right, so I used a double wax ring. That didn’t work. It still leaked. Then I focuses on the pedastal sink. I was proud as I hooked the supply lines and drain with no problem! It leaked everywhere. Needless to say, I was very frustrated. I called my wife for some reassurance and she said, “Stop wasting your time, YOUR NOT A PLUMMER!!!”. Point taken. I have one of my guys coming over Monday to do it for me and the stress is gone.

The point of my post is to all you do it yourself guys. Do what you can do. What you can’t, get somebody that can. It is not a matter of pride, it is a matter of getting it done! I have wasted so many days trying to do these things I thought I “should” be able to do. Screw that. Stick to your strengths.

Good luck to all!!!

Jared :beer:

Thanks for the tip. I am a do it yourselfer too. When I put an 840 sq foot addition on my house W/ 2 1/2 car garage underneath, I did everything myself except for cement, plumbing, HVAC, and gutters. Like a fool, I hung and taped 147 sheets of sheetrock myself. When a local builder told my what I could have got it taped for from a professional, I really kicked myself. The time savings would have been great too.


I had one of those experience a week ago, but it was a kitchen sink. The faucet was leaking and and I thought it should have been a two hour job max. LOL Well they didn’t have shut off values so I had to turn the whole house water off. Well I disconnected the hoses fine and I could get the big washers off the faucet to seperate it from the sink. So I pulled the whole sink out and I thought I did it the easy way. I replaced the faucet no problems. The clips to hold the sink on were corroded so bad I decided that I should replace them. Do you think you could find the standard clips for older sinks? NO WAY, Menards didn’t have them Ace Hardware didn’t have them and four stores latter I found them and a Coast to Coast Hardware. It went back together fine and then I went to turn on the main water again and the main water turn off started to drip. Now you have to turn off the water at the curb to change the faucet. A whole day latter the job was done. The plumber is supposed to be over this week to replace the faucet. Very slow leak.

My wife didn’t like me that day! you either laugh or cry or drink a beer or two.



2 basic rules apply here:

(1) Know your limits. As Robb says, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest”. I don’t do HVAC, concrete, carpet, or high voltage electricity…and,

(2) There is no such thing as a “one-trip-to-Home-Depot-plumbing-job”!!!

I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon trying to separate the tank from the bowl on a leaking toilet in the rehab we’re doing. Luckily, I won most of the required tools…I love an air impact wrench – if it won’t take a rusty nut off, it ain’t coming off! And, yes, I did get the two separated and, no, the toilet doesn’t leak anymore! But, my pride got the best of me and I would have died before I replaced the toilet!