Fully occupied Lease options

Hey REI family, I found the company that states that they will find properties, even have properties to purchase, and will rehab, and even fully occupy the property for any investor with a lease option tenant. I was wondering who has any experience with this kind of company. This particular companys’ site is www.bluemooncapital.com

I forgot to mention that the property has equity in it and each deal cost $7000.00 to the investor.

No experience with this firm but if you read their website material you will see they are simply putting together partnerships or similar investment pools which acquire and rehab distressed properties. Nothing new here. I would be curious as to their fee structure and the actual yields that investors are obtaining. Also, the author of the website must have gotten a new dictionary or thesaurus given the use of big words.

“Blue Moon Capital, LLC is an innovative money management firm specializing in real estate underwritings. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado, Blue Moon Capital LLC, through their proprietary business model, operates as a General Partner with a wide variety of Placement Agents in an effort to assist and compliment distinctive investment strategies. Through our vast relational contacts, we serve as the conduit to pair investment objectives with asset-backed investment opportunities while attempting to yield returns which are conducive to both our clients and our company.”

Say what?? :bs


In plain English: “Who’s your Daddy?”