Full Financials on a Potential Offer


I don’t have a subject property in mind. This is just one of my concerns because I’m about to jump head first into commercial real estate investing for cash flow.

Question: When I find a deal and ask the seller for his full financials, what documents should I expect him to present to me?


Why are you asking a seller for his financials?

I don’t show my buyer’s any financials.
I will show them proof of ownership if requested, but I don’t recall ever being asked.
Title company verifys ownership before closing.
I will show renter’s proof of ownership before I rent to them if requested.

Did you mean buyer?
A buyer should show either proof of funds, line of credit, or preapproval for loan amount greater than purchase price.


I think Pete what dlmcgill was asking is what financials should be provided as the buyer of a commercial property?

That answer is:

  1. Rent Rolls.

  2. Copy of Leases or Rental Agreements.

  3. Income and Expense Statement.

  4. Accounts Payable for Expenses.

  5. Copies of all Bills and Expenses.

  6. Bank Statements.


As the English would say, “Spot On” GR! That is exactly what I was asking. Thanks a million.


GR is correct but just start with the income and expenses. If you like the numbers there and fits your investing criteria then you move forward with the rest for verification.