FTL and assigned mortgage

hey guys, i just came back from the court house and noticed something i have no come across yet. i decided to look up a lis pendens from my records to gather more info. i noticed there was an entry for a FTL (federal tax lien) following by an assigned mortgage entry.

in the assigned entry, it goes something like this:
“personally came before me and this person acknowledged under oath”
“…attesting witness to the signing of this instrument by the coporate office who is ________ the vice president”

on this document i did not see a person who this mortgage was assigned to. was it assigned back to the lender?

any info on this appreciated.


any info? maybe those who are investing or familiar with NJ might have some input?

I was once told stay away from federal liens. NO ONE wants to mess with the goverment. they are to complicated…