FSBO question

Any tips for us for selling our property ourselves?

Dont give the price away before you know what kind of financing the buyer needs or if youre going to have to give them concessions…

Always get the following information…

How did you happen to hear about us? Unknown

Have you been pre-qualified for a home loan? No Yes

If yes: How much have you been pre-qualified for?

Have you tried to buy before? No Yes

What stopped you?

If this is the house that you like and we can make it possible to buy, are you ready? No Yes

We sell houses all over town, what price range were you hoping to buy in?

What size of home are you interested in buying? SqFt.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms would you like?

Are there any other items you would like in a home?

What is your monthly household income?

We usually succeed at 5% - 10% of the sales price for a deposit or down payment.

Is that a problem? No Yes

What is the maximum deposit you would like to invest?

How is your credit? Unknown 1 - Very Bad 2 - Bad 3 - Average 4 - Pretty Good 5 - Outstanding

If credit is not good: Credit Explanation:

Where are you employed?

How Long? Years and Months [/li][/list]

Thanks so much!

I use agents to sell houses. Unless you like working your ass off and showing your house every night and weekend to lookie loos. The commission is well worth not having the hassle. Every minute you spend trying to sell it to some flaky buyer you are not finding another deal. A lot of agents will list your house for next to nothing to put it in the MLS and get calls.

Any tips for us for selling our property ourselves?

If you’re trying to get full price in this market selling by owner, you are going to end up doing this: :banghead

Not that you’re even considering now, but after your house doesnt sell FSBO you may consider finding a realtor. However, when you find one you are going to end up doing this: :banghead because there is almost no such thing as a good, compitent realtor.

Solution: Discount your house so deeply that someone on this board will buy it :beer

LOL, I’m just kidding. I am sure you can succesfully sell your house FSBO and to all you realtors out there…I am sure you are competant. It’s the rest of your peers that aren’t :biggrin

the property is in Vancouver Canada. The fees to I would have to pay to sell with a Realtor at this price point,ouch!

The fees to I would have to pay to sell with a Realtor at this price point,,,ouch!

Unless it’s different in Canada than the USA, you would be just fine because they wouldn’t sell it :biggrin

  1. Make your house really nice.
  2. Price it below the competition.
  3. Market the hell out of it.