Fsbo no comps

I have found a property That I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a smart deal on . This property was listed for 175,000 but recently just went down to 169,000 I’d like to make an offer and wholesale the property. It doesnt need any major work just updating. and older couple lived in it and have since either died or been put into a home. My question is how do i make a reasonable offer on the property and or find good comps on the property. Also there is a car in the garage that give the right price could go with the home.

The home is 3 bed/ 2 bath 1080 sqft it is a rancher. the building is located in a development where they are adding condos and new single family homes.


It lists tax records and will give the comps for more than a year past.


How acurate have you found cyberhomes to be?

I went to the site it looks pretty good, need to study it a little more to see all its capabilities but it had a lot of info available.

I have read on here that willow is any where from 10 to 20K off on most of their estimates which is OK, I guess, if you know that ahead of time.


Home value wise, it’s hit or miss. I’ve pretty much figured out what neighborhoods that it over values and which neighborhoods that it under values. It seems a little more reliable than Zillow.

ie: Sold on 1/24 for $529K after 20 days on the market, which Cyberhomes values at $407K. Lowest comp in the neighborhood is $480K. But, a house in a not good neighborhood will value at the same $407K. It doesn’t seem to differentiate neighborhoods, just that it’s San Diego.

I use it primarily to get comps, tax info and the market graphs. And I like that overhead picture. :wink:

Sorry, it is Zillow, thanks for the correction.

Yes, the overheads are pretty good. I was comparing a property on there that I am interested in and have already gotten comps from my realtor on and it does seem to be close but in my case it looks like they might be over estimating in the area I am looking.

I could only wish the place I am looking at could comp for what they say. It would put another 30K in my pocket but I know better.

Thanks for your info on cyberhomes. I think I might track it for a while in my area and see what kind of trends I can get from it. If I can see a reliable trend in the info maybe I make it more accurate for my purpose.