Frustrated Owner Bulldozes Home Ahead Of Foreclosure

Talk about an idiot. I could have made some money on this deal and the whole world would be better for it.

You’re going to start seeing a lot more of things like this I think.

Something fishy with this story.

He claims that he owes the bank $160,000 on the house and they wouldn’t let him sell it for $170,000? If he hands the bank the $160,000 they don’t have much say about it.

He had the money for lawyers to fight a 2 year court battle and didn’t have money to make his house payment?

Some lawyers are cheap. In So Fl we have Ticketin Law Group that charges $350 a month till it forecloses. So if your not paying the mortgage you can pay them $350 each month for them to stall the process and drag it on. Have 3 friends using them and there mortgages have been dragging for over 2yrs now and still no court dates to even get close to a sale date for the bank. Talk about living cheap. One is living in a $6mil home on the ocean and pays $350 a month to a lawyer. Its not right but I know he lost his job because of corp downsizing. He was making 7figures when he bought the home, now he makes low 6figures and can not afford the mortgage.