Frustrated Newbie need some advice

Hey guys;

I am a 21 year old college student from northern California and have been reading RE investing books for about two years. I have no money and poor credit. I am very frustrated right now. I have a crappy job paying about 10k a year, but here is the thing; I HATE WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE! Why make someone else rich when I can make myself rich? Also I like to set my own schedule.

I am very frustrated at the moment. I want to make some money in RE investing and don’t know where to start. I want to do some no money down deals to get the ball rolling and go from there. I purchased the carlton sheets program and have been reading all sorts of articles and books. My question; what should I do to buy a home quick and make some money off of the deal? I want to do some pre-foreclosures as it seems like a good alternative for people with no money and bad credit since financing can be assumed.

I am not looking to get ruch quick, and understand that it’s going to take some time but I would like to have some positive cashflow when I transfer to a University (janurary) so I can focus on my studies and not so much on working. Please help me out and if anyone would like to mentor me and is from the CA area let me know, I am willing to help you with whatever in exchange for mentorship

hey i’m a newbie myself…looking for a profitable deal for 2 months now. my goal was to have a house by april… still looking. ur looking for a zero down… i actually have $ to invest and still haven’t found anything worth investing… the point is, it take time to find the right deal… don’t expect it to be handed to u in a silver platter. good luck.


I’m in Central Georgia and maybe we should trade some ideas. Hey, you can never have to many friends…

Ibara, a good place to start isn’t to turn your own deals, it’s to bird dog and watch an experienced investor turn some deals. Or if you just MUST turn your own deals, then perhaps wholesaling, but there are many of the vets that recommend against that.