Frozen Pipes

Not sure which category to put this under yet, but I am looking at a foreclosure that was gone through by a liquidation company. On the sink, toilet, and water heater it says they were winterized, what date and that they were frozen. I see no evidence that any pipes are broken just by looking and I know you take the chance that things could be damaged somehow. Is there any way of getting an idea before making an offer if there was and burst pipes noticed or if the water heater functions?

A good inspector can often come in, turn all of the valves off, and put the system under pressure. If it holds the pressure, the pipes didn’t break/split. If it does not hold pressure, then there is a high probability that the system has a leak or leaks.


Thank you!

Just plan on extra plumbing repairs in your cost estimate. If you don’t have to fix, bonus for you. Every so-called winterized house I have bought has had broken pipes. You just don’t know how long it sat vacant before it was winterized.