From the Better Business Bureau.

Can someone explain to me how wholesaling is different from what the BBB is warning consumers about here? Thanks.

Foreclosure ‘Rescue’ Scams on the Rise
Are you facing the threat of losing your home? Be wary of individuals and companies offering to “help” you out of your difficult financial situation. Consumer advocates report an increase in complaints about foreclosure “rescue” scams. These scams specifically target homeowners who are in financial distress. Scam operators advertise over the Internet and in local publications, plaster posters on telephone poles and at bus stops, stick flyers in people’s front doors or contact people whose homes are listed in public foreclosure notices. Sometimes they direct their appeals to specific religious or ethnic groups.

In one scenario the scam operator offers to “buy” the homeowner’s property by paying off the amount that is overdue on the loan. He convinces the homeowner to move out and deed the property over to a third party. The homeowner is given the option of renting the property with the option to buy it back later. The rent payment on the home is often higher than the homeowner can afford. Often times, the original homeowner cannot make the rent payment and is evicted from their home. Or, if the homeowner expresses a desire to buy back the property, the scam operator usually sets the price of the home higher than the homeowner can afford.

The hapless homeowner can lose his equity and his home. Sometimes, the homeowner’s troubles go even deeper. In many cases the initial mortgage has not been paid off and the deed was never transferred, as promised. Not only is the homeowner faced with eviction from the home, but they still owe for the original loan amount.

The Better Business Bureau advises consumers who are tempted by such offers to recognize that they are at real risk of losing money, equity, their home or all three. Carefully consider the following if your mortgage is in arrears or you are facing foreclosure:

* Talk to your lender. Ask about how to restructure your loan payment or refinance. Some foreclosure "rescuers" will offer to "negotiate" with your lender or lawyer. Know that such an offer is likely to involve a significant fee. If you are hesitant to talk to your lender yourself, engage the assistance of a trusted family member.
* If that proves to be unfeasible, try selling the house on your own to pay off the lender. Signing over a deed in no way releases you from your mortgage responsibilities!
* Some schemers will offer to complete paperwork for you, or ask you to sign a stack of documents, supposedly to secure a new mortgage. Victims have later learned that they signed a quit-claim deed to their home.
* Beware the personal approach. Some less-than-ethical businesses will stuff a handwritten note in your front door or mailbox that implies that "help" is available from someone you know or who has your interests in mind. Foreclosure scam artists know exactly what neighborhoods to blanket with their offers.
* If a foreclosure "rescuer" instructs you not to contact your mortgage company or your attorney, beware. Your mortgage company is the very business that you should be in touch with! Furthermore, why would you agree to cease contact with your attorney when dealing with complicated financial matters that involve perhaps your biggest investment, your home?
* You should never sign a contract under pressure and never sign away ownership of your property. Ask a trusted family member, your attorney or a financial professional to review any paperwork you may be asked to sign.
* Before signing any deals with a potential buyer, contact your BBB to request a report on the company and check with your state Attorney General and state Real Estate Commission.

Beside the fact that this is a SCAM, This doesn’t have too much to do with wholesaling.

Wholesaling, is agreeing to buy the home at a certain price from a seller and then selling the agreement, or the home (depending on how you aquired the property) to another buyer at a higher price. You then keep the difference for profit.

There’s no selling back to the owner. The owner is selling their home and moving out with no intention of return. Bottomline!

What you read above is just a variation of a scam that is practiced by IDIOTS and unethical investors. I hope they get what’s coming to them.

It makes it a little more challenging for ethical investors like myself to conduct business, but the bottomline is that we can not give up! Keep moving forward, do what’s right, and help those in need and you will be rewarded!

In wholesaling, we do not rent property, nor hold property…we get in get it done we get out. The BBB warning is focused on investors that manipulate a homeowner into thinking there going to get there home back. We as wholesalers tell it like it is. They are broke, they need out and we can help them get out before the bank takes the place at auction and they have a foreclosure on there credit.