From the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island

I stumbled on this website recently. Regarding the news articles, I’m looking for factually based reasons to be skeptical. Any help will be appreciated.


I'm looking for factually based reasons to be skeptical.

I think that you’ve got your answer!

It BOGGLES my mind how some people just FOLLOW and BELIEVE what they READ…If it’s in a BOOK it must be TRUE.

So the premise here is GOLD should be the backbone of the currency system…Have a HARD ASSET backing that paper…RIGHT??? That’s what you want??

OK…Then be prepared to MOVE BACK about 100 YEARS in standard of living and economic GROWTH, because there isn’t enough GOLD on PLANET EARTH to back the economy of the WORLD TODAY!!!

Another POINT here…


It’s a METAL the people of EARTH VALUE!! Sure, it has some very interesting properties, but in reality WHAT IS IT…REALLY??

If you were on a desert island would it be of VALUE to you??? NO. It would be LITERALLY worthless.

The point here is SIMPLE…

Those DOLLARS in your pocket are PAPER…the VALUE is in the PERCEPTION…GOLD is the same thing…It’s PERCEIVED as VALUABLE…
Some years it’s MORE valuable than others…JUST LIKE YOUR CURRENCY.

It’s all a game of BELIEVING in PERCEIVED VALUE.

This has been true for THOUSANDS of years…MUR and FRANKINCENSE were once valuable commodities used as currency…Today they are merely side notes in history.

I just sold a $329,000 house and walked out of the CLOSING with a PIECE OF PAPER that had $329,000 typed on it…

That CHECK was WORTHLESS…It’s a piece of PAPER, just like MONEY.
The VALUE is in the PERCEPTION by BANKS and other PEOPLE that the NUMBERS on that paper represent something of VALUE.

Native Americans used WAMPUM (clam shells) as MONEY…WE WALK ON THEM NOW at the beach.

At some point it could be something else…It all comes down to PERCEPTION…There is no REALITY…REAL Reality is whatever you’re TOLD it is…The entire game is built on the next guys ability to believe the RULES.

The rest is all BULLSH*T.

Look at the BILL that got shot down over the AUDITING of the federal reserve…

Did ANYONE think that had a snowballs chance in HELL of seeing the light of day???

A N Y O N E???

It’s all a FARCE…the entire ECONOMY is built on it…4 YEARS ago IDIOTS saw PERCEIVED VALUE in $300,000 RANCH houses that I now buy for $25,000…THEY bought into that because the NEXT GUY bought into it…
When the last IDIOT got off the train…


And WHERE are we NOW???

At PRECISELY the EXACT TIME in HISTORY these same IDIOTS should be out BUYING all the REAL ESTATE they can…WHAT ARE THEY DOING???


NOW they’re SCARED!!! NOW…Not when they were BUYING ranch houses for $300,000…They weren’t scared THEN because EVERY OTHER IDIOT was doing the same thing!!! PERCEPTION, BECAME THE REALITY.

But REALITY wasn’t REAL!

“Cancel My Subscription To The Resurrection.”

I’m with Jake on this one.

Jfpen posted:

I stumbled on this website recently. Regarding the news articles, I'm looking for factually based reasons to be skeptical.

What does Jfpen’s question have to do with your rant FDJake? He was asking about the news articles on this site? Do you have any comments about the question at hand?

You really didn’t speak to my OP. But, that’s okay. I’ll respond briefly to your response. Your points about currencies are correct. Perception is reality. However, what might need clarification is that moving to a gold standard has nothing to do with gold’s intrinsic value. It has to do with the fact it cannot be created out of nothing and is fairly scarce. The assertion that adopting a system in which a currency is pegged to a hard asset will be a setback is fallacious.


What’s fallacious is the thought that you can place the GENIE back in the BOTTLE!

If enough of the electorate actually understood the Federal Reserve, they’d be trying to stuff that genie back into that bottle. If not this time, we’ll wait for the next Boom/Bust cycle to play out.

I agree…But the REALITY is this…

Most of the “electorate” don’t understand their MORTGAGES never mind the Federal Reserve System and fractional banking.

I live in the REAL WORLD…Where IDIOTS buy real estate at market TOPS and sell their FORD stock at $2.00