from one Newbie to the next

Newer here in the real estate stuff. Do yourself a favor and buy a fresh ream of printer paper, and start printing each forum topic that is pertinent to your area of interest. I’ve been reading and researching non stopfor the past month and everyday come across valuable contacts, strategies, info every time I log on.

And for all the veterans, your expeience, knowledge, and presence are greatly appreciated.

Howdy Mjws:

Welcome to the forum. I am glad you are getting some good information. I am very proud to be a small part myself and I try hard to help others when I can. Great to have you on board.

This forum really is awesome. The fountain of knowledge here over floweth…

Yeah, I really appreciate everyone’s experience and advice and learning from different people’s strategies. This, by far, is the best forum of knowledge on Real Estate Investing I have run into. Too bad I didn’t run into this place earlier but I’m glad that I did now at the age of 30.

I’m going to start by doing some assignments so if anyone has any suggestions on how I should get started, I would totally and completely appreciate it.

Welcome. The first step is narrowing down what it is that you are wanting to do.
For example, are you interested in bird dogging.
Will you buy and “flip”?
Will you buy and hold?
etc. etc. etc.

Plan things out. Set goals for yourself. Start off with shorter term goals and move into longer term goals.

As with anything else…you must plan your work then work your plan.

Good luck!

I just wanted to get used to first finding some good deals, getting familiar with talking with the sellers. Putting properties under contract, properly running the correct numbers and then assigning to other investors and collecting my assignment fee.

Hopefully it will be as easy as I have described it.

very good advice from the original poster. You might see something and think to yourself “I’ll have to remember that”. More than likely, ou won’t. BUT, if you have it printed out you can always refresh your mind