friends and friends family "find me one like that"

ever since i landed my first deal, people have become interested in what im doing etc. i think it’s only a matter of time before people start saying “hey can you find me one of those?” or friends parents saying…“yeah can you fine one for my son/daughter?” i’m also a realtor so i imagine people might think i’m getting these deals somehow through connections from being a sales agent.

at any rate, have any of you encountered situations like this? what’s your response (just curious). i mean the truth of the matter would be “if they were on every block i’d pass them right over to you, however this is how i’m making a living”


Howdy Ryanpal:

The Blue Bell Ice cream Ads in Texas say it best, “We eat all we can and sell the rest”. Keep the best deals for yourself and sell your friends the rest. When I first started here in Austin there were foreclosures everywhere and all my friends said why are you buying houses because they are giving them away. I answered because they are in fact giving them away and at 10 to 20 cents on the dollar at that time in 93. Now try to find the same deals. Stuff I paid $7500 for is now $75K. Good luck to ya.

Hey Ted, I totally agree :slight_smile:

I was more looking for how I would phrase that in a diplomatic way. I guess a good way to repond is…yeah I’ll keep my eye out for yah.

was just a thought…i’m not getting all worked up about this…just figured I’d drop a post :wink:

What I have found is that people say they want one just like that one, but they don’t really want to do it. It is like people tell me all the time that they want to learn to play golf. When they ask me to teach them to play, I tell them when I go out, I talk to them about how much fun it is and I tell them where I play and that eagle I made from 150 yards out, but if they don’t show up on my door step on Saturday morning then I don’t take them seriously. Tell them to go to a mortgage company and get themselves pre-qualified and you will help them out. Then forget about it because they won’t ask again.

I am pretty new to investing so I have been reading almost all of these forums and soaking in as much knowledge as I can. I have also purchased a couple of programs from the ads above. I think the thomas Kish 200k worth of unsecured credit might interest you. He shows you in this course how to set up passive real estate partners using corporations. If these people want to seriously invest but want you to do the work this may be your best option. He offers a full year to return the product if not satisfied and I think it may be worth looking into.

I am not selling or an agent for this course just giving my .02 on what you posted

I’m fairly new to investing too (about 18 mo.'s) but in that time we’ve done quite a bit. my husband is pretty much on board but at times i slow down a little because he’s the worrier at those times i seem to find the best properties. ( i’m adicted to looking even if i know i won’t be buying ) anyway at these times i call relatives, ex-husband, friends and colleges and tell them hey don’t pass up this great deal. even though i feel my husband and i are doing really well most people don’t—even if a property is found for them—want to get involved. you can’t make someone have your passion. i think like previous posters stated, people appear to be interested but more often than not their just being" polite"