Friendly advice.

Hello, everyone I have a question, I’m looking to start a corporation, and within about 6 months I want to purchase a home through the corporation. my question is the first step I have to take to get it done and is it a difficult process to go through. Do anyone know a lender that can help me out.

Howdy Slim:

That greeting sounds like an old western line for sure.

Glad to see you are trying to get started. Asking questions is a good way to learn too. A new corp is easy to start or you may even try a LLC. You can get info and forms from the Sec of State in your state. In Texas you can even form a LLC on line for the $200 processing fee.

Finding a lender to loan to a new corp is difficult. The corp needs credit established and assets. Both are hard to come by for a new venture in any field. I did some hard money borrowing in my new corp and still had to personally sign for the money.

There are hundreds of lenders out there with many different loan products to offer. Some are horrible and some are good. I have only used hard money lenders lately but I do remember Indymac Bank being an aggressive lender for investors. Call 1-800 directory assistance for their phone # or look up their web site at google.

Hope this helps a bit. Have a dang good day.