freeze damage

I am interested in a property that is listed on the mls thate states the property has freeze damage. Anyone know what is invilved with a property like this. does all the plumbing need to be replaced or is it just where the pipe burst. is there usually one pipe that is damaged and everything else is ok. thanks

You will only need to replace the damaged pipe. You won’t know how many busted pipes there are until you turn on the water. Wear your raingear!


Freeze damage can mean a lot of things. Obviously the broken pipe has to be replaced, but then there is the issue of whether or not water has damaged other parts of the house.
If the pipes froze in the kitchen or bath, and flooded those areas with water, there will be more than just plumbing to repair.
Since it’s listed on the MLS - call the listing agent and ask exactly what they mean about the freeze damage.

watch out for mold, as well.

You could be replacing very little or a ton. It might have damaged floors, sheetrock, ceilings, etc.