Freedomsoft Software

I ran across a video on youtube for freedomsoft. Does anyone know if this software is still valuable and current for this time and market?

If you do a Forum search on “Freedomsoft” there have been numerous discussions on the topic. The “search” function is just below the advertising banner at the top of this page.

I did the research but nothing relevant to 2012.

I’ve been using the software for close to a year now and I can tell you that it is definitely relevant in today’s market. It has automated so many aspects of my business. FS is top of the line when it comes to REI software and it will only get better.

However, it will not do deals for you just by buying the software. You have to work at it and actually use the software and everything it has to offer to get your money’s worth.

I was one of the original user of freedomsoft; used the software before it launched in San Diego a few years back. It is an effective tool if you put it to use; you get buyer and seller websites, easy contracts, access to transactional funding and proof of funds… it does have its glitches: The cash buyers list isn’t always accurate but all in all, I’ve been using for years now and I still maintain my account. Just $97 monthly… worth it!

I’m so jealous of you! That’s awesome that you got to use it from the beginning. When did it launch and how much different is it today?

It’s top notch. In fact, I can’t think of a better program out there for flipping houses. I actually had some input on the creation, as the four creators are friends of mine. And, in addition, the financial investment has come way down. It started out between a grand and three grand. It’s now between $97 and $197, depending on which level you choose. And just $97/mo.

But, just like dukefan said, it won’t flip houses for you. It just provides a one-stop-shop for your entire business. So, instead of using a source to pull comps, a source to database leads and buyers, a source to get street views, a source for leads, a source for contracts, etc, etc, etc, that’s all been put into just one source.

I literally saw Pete Skouras (one of the creators) take a call, get the lead sheet filled out, make an offer and send over a purchase contract… all without having to hang up, crunch numbers and do research, and then call the seller back later.