Freedom$oft Real Estate Course/software??

Does Anyone have any info on this? Maybe a review or word of mouth.

Like most of us, I’m always trying to get my family in to rei. And of course, I preech education first. So I was so happy to see my family member take an interest in REI.

Anyways I am very suspicios of this course because my aunt is spending a lot of money on Freedom$soft…money she should be saving for marketing costs, entity selection, etc…

I would hate to see her waste money

Education might seem expensive, but the lack of education will cost you so much more!! I would encourage you to get as much education as you can.

Remember, there are plenty of courses you can buy ‘resale’ for discounts. I’ve supported many investors over the last 20 years and purchased their courses, all of which had great information. At some point, you know all the information and will want to make room for new courses and books, so lots of us ‘old timers’ will sell their courses at substantial discounts. The material is just as valuable recycled as it is new!!

Check with some seasoned investors and check online for deals.


I am more concerned with the software than the education. My aunt is concidering buying the software which supposedly does all the work for: Finds your buyers, does your marketing, does your contract, and can close for you etc etc etc…

Obviously, like I mentioned before education is the most important thing. But it seems like this is less education and more enabling software that claims to be everything under the sun…and expensive too.

Anyone have personal experience with this software?

I am skeptical about this and would not trust any software company to do all the things this one claims it can…i’ll do it myself and with the help of my investor friends and contacts…and all of you of course!

Yes, I am a user of the software. It doesn’t do what you wrote – there is no magic to it. Plus because it’s new, it has many bugs. But this will be taken care of, and it is being improved, new features added, since some serious people are behind it. It does have some very nice features, which work in 90% of markets: 1) cash buyers list; 2) 5 different estimates of the value of the property; 3) pre-written letters, templates and contracts, and soon, contracts for all major states to be preloaded; 4) proof of fund letters; 5) a lot of education videos and ebooks; 6) outsourcing loan modifications built in; 7) and a fairly good CRM - customer relationship management.

There are many problems too, like the instant leads (“finds your buyers”) is not good at all, integration of the buyer/seller websites is not good either, offline marketing is not fully integrated (but they promise it), security and backup not provided, separate access/login for different team members not available yet (it will be, for now, each team member should “colorcode” his/her documents/leads, or create separate documents/contracts to differentiate between others).

It depends which level your aunt wants to buy – Silver, Gold or Platinum. The Platinum is by far the best, but it is very pricey. Yet, this is indeed the most advanced software out there, I’ve seen and tested many of them. If right now Freedomsoft has only an arguable edge, within half a year it will be a definitive edge, no question about it.

There is a really good thread a competing forum about this (not sure if I can post it here… but it’s very useful) bigger pockets

Lots of people who used and tried it, many who didn’t like it, some who did. I’d give that a good read.