free vacation with purchase of rehab......your thoughts

Hey all,

I’m on my second rehab and I’m gonna try a different marketing technique. I’m gonna throw in a vacation to the buyer that purchases my rehab. I want to throw this out to you all to see if anyone else has done this. I’m not sure what I’m gonna offer as I want to attract more buyers and not push people away…meaning do I offer a weekend getaway to Vegas? Two roundtrip tickets to any US destination? Maybe a local getaway?


I’ve also been told that maybe 1K in free gas would help folks who might have to commute a little bit. Who doesn’t need gas right now.


I think the gas idea is great.

Free washer/dryer and/or fridge. For 1st-time homeowners this could be a blessing as it’s one less thing to worry about getting. However, some people are pretty picky on those types of things and may not like your selection.

I like the idea of offering incentives like that. In fact, I recently purchased $1 million in gift cards to give to new home owners on our flips. We have 1000 $1000 gift cards. After receiving them, we decided that we’re only going to give out 500 (no promotion lasts forever).

Your offer of incentives will catch on and word will get around. Good for you.

A partner of mine that owns a home building company is about to buy a large package of “vacations”. He is going to spend around $20,000 on this package and is going to offer a free vacation with a new home purchase. The catch is that most of the vacations include red eye flights, off season timing, but the cool thing is is that you can upgrade for a few hundred dollars. Don’t remember the name of this company that sells these but if you really want it I can get with him tomorrow and get back to you.