Free Reports

Hi everyone,

I’ve almost got my website ready for the world to see but want to add a free report or some down loadable content. Can anyone offer suggestions on what to put on the website and where to get it?

Thanks for the help.

Jerry :bobble

I don’t follow…you have a Web site, but you don’t know what you want to put on it? Maybe I am missing something…

You can get lots of free articles here:

Just be sure to follow the rules and include all of the links that are required.

Let me clarify…I’m looking for offer a free “take away” from the site.

Find one that is being offered, download it and modify the name and number.

It depends on what your website if focusing on. I’ll assume you are trying to get motivated sellers. If so, a good free report would be 7-ways to avoid foreclosure. It’s not hard with a little research to find information and write a report like that.

compile a list of articles, reports, etc and then just simply rewrite them being careful not to blatantly copy

just pick out the ideas and general theme you want to use

you could also hire someone from and get them to write the report for you if you are not inclined to write

i would not just take the report off someone else’s site

Whatever you plan on doing, my recommendation would be to put it in a pdf file. The reason being is because of the perceived value that comes from a pdf document. They’re normally not something you get when it comes to written materials and because of the formatting and looks of them, they have a better presentation versus just a Word document.

Find one that is being offered, download it and modify the name and number.

Probably a good idea, but you should probably use the report as an outline and put it in your own words.