Free reports - how to get those?

This may be better suited for the marketing forum - but thought someone might know on this forum.

The free report links that you see on “we buy houses” websites, Realtor sites, and other various REI sites. . . is there a central bank where you can get these free reports and link them up to your webpage?

Are these reports copied by people from other people and just passed around?

I’d like to market a free report (probably for tips on selling your house, to get people to call) on my upcoming direct mail campaign but I’m worried about outright copying someone’s stuff?

Does anyone have any suggestions for me in this area?


Do you mean something like this?

These are free web content, but no reason you couldn’t do print, I don’t think. But check the useage guidelines.

Thanks for those links. I’m trying to input the correct keywords to see what pops up on each site. Getting some stuff, have to keep looking as it’s really not what I want. I really want something like “Tips for selling your house fast” - that basically talks about selling to an investor!

Thanks again for responding.

I’m still not really sure what you are asking but what LoriK posted are free article submission websites where you could write an article about “Tips” and post it to the website. If someone searches on the keywords in your article, your article would show up in google, yahoo or msn, etc. You can add your byline: your credentials. is the biggest one.

What I’m looking for is something I can put up on my website - like some other investors I know that have it - without actually copying it off another investor’s website (does that make sense?). I also want to put in my direct mail campaign “call for your free report on 10 tips to selling your house in a week” or something like that. . . to get people interested in calling, even if they don’t want to sell that minute - thinking down the line they could use this.

Does this make it clearer than mud?? ha ha

Ok. I think I understand. Hmmmm…If you have a specific website that would probably be helpful. You probably don’t want to paste someones website on here though…i guess