Free Report Generation - How are you doing it?

Hey all,

I’m in the process of create my own “free reports” as part of my marketing campaign to offer potential clients. I’m looking at a few different ones depending on the situation. They are: Credit Repair, Homeowner - Understanding your options when selling, Foreclosures and a Moving Report to begin with. I understand after speaking with quite a few successful investors that these reports when given to the right people will not only increase your credibility, but also increase the percentage of deals.

What I have found thus far is that it takes a significant amount of time to generate these reports yourself. So my questions is - where is everyone getting their reports for their websites and their mailings? Is there an affiliate site for these that people are using? Thanks in advance,


The guys over at Razorwebsites . com are really good with creating this type of stuff. They will design the whole package for you. I get good deals over there.