Free foreclosures websites


Anyone know of any good free foreclosure websites, preferably some that might be pertinent to the VA, DC, MD area? Thanks

good and free ?? Is there such a thing.

I have not found any website that have info that more current
than at the courthouse.

It the most reliable info you can get and the only expense you have is your time.

You might want to check you local REI club

Where do I go at the court house to see foreclosures? I quess this is the best FREE way to find the current ones.


here in Indianapolis there in the county clerks office. I would start there in your city.

So I just ask the Town Clerk to see the foreclosure listings? Sorry I’m just trying to learn what to ask for so when I go there I look like I know what I’m doing, LOL.


just ask for the foreclosure files and they will point you in the right direction. Here in Indy there is between 20 and 60 daily.

Can I call and ask for a copy of the files? The reason I ask this is because my town closes early and they dont open on Saturdays. I will take a day of to go see whats there if need be.


Do a search on google and see if your county’s clerk of court office has a website. Most do and some have public records online at no cost. In public records, search for LIS PENDENS (means a foreclosure will happen soon if owner does not act now) and search for FORECLOSURES. The county property appraiser and tax collections office sometimes have a listing available as well. Hope this helps you!