Free e-mail extracting software?

Does any know of any e-mail extracting software(free) similar to the online lead finder? What I mean is a software that can extract e-mail addresses from sites such as craigslist, backpage etc. For example, I go to craigslist and go to for sale by owner, I would then type in “motivated seller”. Now for every ad that has the keyword “motivated seller” the software would pull up the e-mail address. As a wholesaler this software could be priceless. Basically eliminating the need to market exclusively for motivated sellers & spending hundreds (if not thousands) on direct mailings, bandit signs, pay per click. Instead I could just find buyers for other wholesalers (w/flex option)who dont have a buyers list in place of thier own. Its 2011 now so I know this software HAS to be available somewhere. Can someone PLEASE steer me in the right direction :help

I am also looking for a free e-mail extracting tool. Anyone here got any ideas? Thanks in advance.

I’d be interested also. In the meantime, I used my VA out of the Philippines to do this work for me. She can cut and paste about 200 per hour into a spreadsheet, which I then dump into Dial My Calls. I pay her $2 per hour. Haven’t done it in awhile because I didn’t feel the leads were that good, but I should try it again just to see if things have changed…

That would be a good tool to have. just post a job. I hear 75 bucks is about all youll pay.

I have since found a few different softwares that may interest you guys. First I have a couple that are craigslist specific. the CL harvester & CL spider. Both are free PM me if you want them. You type in keywords and they both search craigslist and give you a list of emails. I used it to search motivated sellers and rent o own and got back list that were over 200emails apiece. i also have been using a screen scraper names Irobot. Now I have to add that I just did a direct mailing on Jan 4 2011. for buyers and seller. Both where mediocre at best. I did my 1st screen scraping with irobot and got 1400 emails in return. I only sent 200 emails with my bulk email sender(PIMEX)(also free) and checked my email two days later and was taking back by the response. I did get the occasional “dont email me again” But I did add 7 new cash buyers to my buyers list with this software & I still have 1200 more to send on this campaign alone. Needless to say that internet marketing using screen scrapers are now my new go to marketing niche. Another great software that I just downloaded is instant lead magnet. its free as well but limited because its the trial version, However it scrapes craigslist, backpage, kijiji and more. it also send emails to the list that you harvest. In the day & age where most properties bought & sold are done so online. Its only inevitable that investors use this source to the best of its abilities

I too found luck with odesk, I was able to get email addresses for about 10cents each. I also have used two products to grab email addresses: one called Email Extractor ( and the other was called Visual Email Searcher ( - just checked and it seems they’ve renamed this to Web Email Extractor.

Both were fairly good, not sure how often they are maintained. Both let you search for email addresses based on keywords and search engine searches. Visual Email Search was a little less buggy and seemed to handle long searches better.