Free Documents for Beginners

Hello Beginners,

I have observed that there is a good bit of confusion regarding interest rates; Why they rise and what happens in the Real Estate market when they do.

Let’s face it 99% of Real Estate investors “Leverage”, A.K.A, use the other peoples money (lenders) to purchase property. In an effort to assist new investors with little experience in Real Estate and finance I have compiled a couple of documents to help you better understand interest rates and their affect on Real Estate.

This document will show you how changes in market indicators affect interest rates. This document is very valuable because it will allow you to stop listening to the arm chair market analysists and trully understand what is going on with interest rates and why.

This document will show you the cause and effect relationship between interest rates and the real estate market.

Document 3: “THE RULE OF 72”
This document lays out all the ratios you need to know as an investor, like: How long will it take me to double my investment? How do I calculate rate of return, gross rent multiplier and cash on cash return? This document also includes a list of questions to ask your lender.

If you could benefit from the use of any of these documents please feel free to e-mail a request.

Pat Lawson

I could definitely use those. This site is great. Thanks for the help.

Shooting you an email now.

Yes that would be great. Thanks

He said “e-mail me a request”…not post for one!


Is this not what the classified section is for?

Yes, but I let the basic note go because I think that Pat Lawson was in good faith trying to provide information that would be of assistance, especially to the new folks…the forum is about the exchange of ideas and information and, in that light I think Pat’s post is OK. We don’t need the follow-on though.


Yeah. Just trying to help. But, now I feel bad because my company logo is on the documents. I can cut the logo out if it’s a problem.

That’s not the issue…if you provide free, helpful info, use whatever letterhead is convenient. The issue is you asked folks to e-mail you and instead they post to the forum!


Might I suggest that you get Tim to put them in the ‘free real estate forms’ section.

Might even make a special link to them, “newbie info” or something.


Pat –

Your offer is not only generous, it will probably decrease the number of duplicate posts from us newbees! I’ve thought of a thousand questions since I found REI, but have only asked a few because I know it’s probably been discussed before and I’m sure not going to be wasting my time by reading old threads. I expect these docs to reinforce what I do know and help me learn (in theory, anyway) what I don’t know.

Thanks – email is on it’s way! – lyngarc

Nothing will EVER reduce duplicate posts!!! Bwahahahahaha. If only there was a keyword search or a filter by relevance!!!

Not that I complain…I love it here! :beer: