Free Buyers list

Thanks in advance to all of the folks who give good advice on this site. I was wondering if I can build a buyers list in a matter of weeks for free? if so how can I do it. I tried looking on this site but I can’t seem to find free ways to do it. Also there are a ton of marketers out there who say free but you have to buy there courses for X amount of money. Does anybody have a way to get started?

Thanks again

A buyers list isn’t something you get handover for cash, building a buyers list is a process, first you can always make cheap yellow w/black lettering signs and post we buy houses w/ your phone number and hang these signs around your town. second to gain a buyers list there is always craigslist.

Visit the local REI clubs in your area, and network with rehabber, landlords, etc. Get on the club’s email lists. That way, when you have a deal, you can email the list.

How to find cash buyers:
Online and offline Networking: REIAs, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
MLS – pull all cash transactions settled in your area. Then mail to them to join your buyer’s list.
Craigslist/Backpage – daily
For sale signs and We Buy Houses sign – call them
Sherriff sale – talk with the players and find out where they buy and what they buy for