Free and Clear

Hi- I have run into several sellers that own their property free and clear and I was wondering if anybody knows how to sign up a deal like this without getting conventional financing? How would you negotiate it and what forms would you have to sign? Thanks!

These are great opportunities if you can convince the seller to “hold the paper” via owner financing. Convince them that the return you will pay on the owner financing is “safer” than having a lump sum of cash at closing looking for a place to invest. In this scenario you will have to provide the seller a note detailing the financing arrangement and a mortgage to secure the note with a lien on the property. Best thing is you get to cut the bank out of the process, everybody wins.

One way I have been using to negotiate with the seller to do seller financing is letting them know that they will be receiving cash flow every month. This cash flow is like having a job and not having to go to work. You will not be a landlord, the person in this property is a homebuyer and not a renter. Most people don’t know what to do to be a landlord and the market is slower than a few years ago so they don’t have to put the house on the market. Also, if you did sell your house with a Realtor you can save commission money. Have fun with the negotiating and they will have fun in return!!


Go to they have a bunch of information you can use to convince the seller to do this. There is or was a free ebook here OWC owner will carry thats darn good also.herbster