Free and clear drip campaign example

Does anyone have an example of a free and clear drip (i.e. type of message/media, frequency, etc) campaign and, also, where and how to get the list? I know who the list providers are (listsource, infousa, Melissa, etc), but what parameters to use to compile the best lists (i.e. LTV,# years owned, ect).

Thanks in advance for the help,
Uncle D

Before you worry about the list or the frequency (aka drip) worry about the following

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Lead Capture
  3. Lead Fulfillment

And do it almost in a reverse order. Just because you can make the telephone ring doesn’t mean you can buy houses to offset the cost of marketing… A lot of us get too caught up in mail or marketing and forget to create a hands off business.

The most successful business is one you don’t work in only work on… Thanks Gerber

If I understand you, you are saying make damn sure you know how to buy the houses (i.e. acquisition strategy) before you generate the leads? BTW, doesn’t the list and the frequency (drip) tie into lead generation and capture (your # 1 and # 2)?

Thanks again for the help,
Uncle D