Fraud Alert

Just to let everyone know, it was brought to my attention that a web site information on something called a Real Estate Locator. This information in fact, has been illegally copied from my Real Estate Jobber course, and is now being illegally sold to unsuspecting consumers. The information provided is actually a direct copy of my course materials, with the word locator substituted for the word jobber.

The con artist involved ordered my real estate jobber course in September 2003, and proceeded to plagiarize the information that I spent years researching, developing and testing. In fact I just made the Real Estate Jobber Course available for sale early last year.

This person/company has used my hard work to try and make a quick buck. They don’t accept credit card payments and do not provide a paper trail of transactions to anyone that is tricked into ordering the material. This con artist is illegally selling my material for a higher price than I charge on my web site.

If anyone has ordered this real estate locator material I would very much appreciate knowing exactly what was received, if anything. I would also welcome any other information that anyone has about this person.

I do plan to pursue all legal remedies available and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you.