Does anyone have any ball park numbers for foundation repair? The foundatin in question is slab and a corner of the house is sagging. I know that there are a lot of variables and I plan on getting a contractor to give me an actual estimate but I would like to get some preliminary numbers so I can see if this is even worth pursuing. Any ideas? Thanks.


First off, get more than one quote. This is one of those things that you can find a wide variance in quoted prices. Second, without seeing it I don’t see many people being about to give an accurate quote. Get a few foundation pros (3 would be good) in there to give you solid quotes.

Definently, I was planning on getting multiple qoutes and I know that it is impossible for anyone here to give me an accurate idea of cost. I guess I was just curious what others have had to pay for repairs in their areas.


I recently had a quote for a house that had one corner that had dropped and needed piers.

The quote I received was for five helical piers. The total for the estimate was 5,000. I didn’t end up getting that house so that was the only bid I received so I may have been able to find a cheaper price.

I hope this helps.

This is a local question. I am in Houston and can get $100/pier. You can almost always get a 1500sqft house done for 20 to 30 piers max.

You actually have a couple of problems here - since it is a poured slab foundation. You put in piers, but then whatever is causing the underlying erosion will likely cause future problems. You can get a company to guarantee the foundation for “X” years, but it will cost a lot.

Many buyers are very hesitant to buy houses with foundation repairs, with reason, so it will be a much tougher sell when you are ready. Not much of a problem if you are keeping it as a long term rental, but very hard if it is a wholesale or retail. So factor these issues in when you get your quotes and do your numbers.

Here in the Dallas area clay soils make foundation problems almost a certainty. I try to get buyers to understand that having a home with a solid foundation is a good thing…I live in one. Once the problems have been identified and corrected, you have little to worry about in the future. On the other hand, having a property that’s never had foundation issues leaves you open to the likelihood that it will have them…and that you’ll have to pay for them.

Here I can get piers for $100 - $150 each (a little more for interior work that involves removing part of the slab) and a lifetime transferrable warranty.

Where do you get the piers for $100-150/pier? Who do you use? Our guy charges $225/pier, but most investors in DFW pay $225-275/concrete pier.

We always hire a structural engineer, who charges only $200-250 (depending on whether it’s one story or two), so we can get an impartial estimate as well as professional diagnosis. And we just give our foundation guy his report specifying the number of piers required. He always saves us 4-5 piers.