Foundation Issues

Hey guys. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix a crack in a stone foundation? The crack is HUGE and the basement is full of mud from the outside. Please help


You can get a masonry / concrete company to come in and pump non shrink grout into the cracks to fill it and make it sound.

It sounds like the outside of the basement should be excavated and a weeping tile installed with an insulated and water proof coating from the weeping tile to grade level keeping the basement dry and stopping mud from being forced in by gravity.

If the weeping tile can’t drain a sump pump will need to be installed with a float switch to pump excess water outside of your homes proximity.


Ok thanks! Any idea how much that could cost? The non shrink grout.

hi may i suggest that you hire someone to inspect the foundation. an architect or an engineer or someone who has expertise in construction will do. just to make sure that it still can be fix otherwise it is better if you completely repair/change the whole foundation

This is what I think also as far as the repair of the crack. Excavate possible the whole house, then install new tile, then backfill. I woudl install a new scratch coat of mortar and roofing tar on the outside. For the msot part, you can do it all except the backhoe work.

That said, you need to make sure that crack isn’t just a symptom of a large problem besides a high water table. the above advice assumes it’s safe and not moving anymore.